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5 ideas for beach games

What products to protect with from the sun while having fun

Family games on the beach leave unforgettable memories. True, you won't have much time to be lazy on the beach, but every common game brings together and teaches children how good it is to do things together.

Here are some ideas for fun on the sand by the sea. They are suitable for children of all ages. And for parents in any shape and mood.

Beach game 1: "Bury Dad". Material for digging and backfilling on the beach - as much as you want. All you need is a self-sacrificing father who is ready to be covered in sand. Choose a suitable place. Dig a hole the size of your father, put it inside - so that his head is outside. Bury it with sand, if desired - decorate the top with mussels, seaweed and pebbles. Now is the time to take photos, then upload and share.

Beach game 2: "Water shootings". Get ready for what you have: water guns, water pumps and submachine guns, even ordinary sprayers and sprinklers do a great job. Charge - the sea is nearby, the water is enough. Now split into teams or everyone can play independently. Determine where you will shoot so that you do not spray someone on the beach. Are you ready? Then ... - spray! Cool each other down and have fun.

Beach Game 3: Frisbee. It is best to furnish with soft frisbees (cloth or rubber), even better: if the frisbees are few, and are as bright and colorful - for more mood. Now choose a suitable place to throw so as not to disturb other beachgoers. Stand in a circle or facing each other. Make sure there is wind to keep it in mind when directing the frisbee. And now - throw, catch, pass.

Beach game 4: "Beach volleyball or water ball". The option depends on where you choose to play. If it is on the sand - stand in a circle or facing each other. If there is a playground with a net on the beach, great - use it. Take the ball - ordinary volleyball, beach volleyball or inflatable. Throw it and pass it to each other. The more unusual and unexpected, the more fun. For the water ball - stand close to each other in the water and pass at shorter distances from each other.

Beach game 5: "Sand castle or sand figures". Everyone knows that a sand castle is made where the beach ends and the sea begins, so that there is a smooth platform and enough wet sand for even the tallest sand towers. And the best senior masters of sand castles are the fathers. The places of the junior masters are filled by the children and by the mothers. When it comes to sand figures most often, it's the other way around.

Protect yourself from the sun at all beach games. While you are engrossed in entertainment, its rays can be merciless to the skin. Therefore, sun exposure should be gradual, especially at the beginning of the family vacation. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure between 11 and 15 hours. On the beach, the whole family should be wearing hats and as long as possible under an umbrella or other shade. And sunscreen, selected according to age, is a must.